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Palmer & Rose is a full service Advertising, Marketing, PR, Web, Literature and exhibition agency with a very strong techincal capability.

We work for both large international organisations and small independent companies - the major thing they have in common is a bright future!
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Marketing is a much neglected art - which is a shame as it holds the potential for great success. Good publicity, good enquiries and increased sales flow from understanding the market and planning the best route forwards. Advertising, PR exhibitions and websites are the servant of marketing, not the master.
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Press relations is universally considered to be the single most cost-effective way to reach most target audiences with a specific message. It does, however, demand an agency with creativity, flare and an in-depth understanding, especially in the business-to-business, engineering and scientific marketplaces.
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Advertising is very profitible for most agencies - which is why it is so often their first port of call. It isn't with us.

Although it can be very effective, it has to be done properly, and as part of an overall campaign - starting with the target audience and messages. We believe in creativity - but is should be the last, not the first step. Palmer & Rose  marketing

Building a website has become easy. Building one that works is as hard as it ever was. Our technical expertise, creative flair and in-depth understanding of our clients' business means that we don't just build websites, we build websites that work hard and effectively. Having been involved in the web since its inception gives us the understanding to give our web-marketing campaigns real impact!
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More money is wasted on exhibitions than almost any other aspect of marketing.

Our full exhibition service always starts with advice and recommendation on the best shows - and, unlike most agencies, if we don't think an exhibition is going to prove worthwhile, we say so! In fact our usual stance is don't go to any unless you can prove that they will be worthwhile.

Good exhibitions can be brilliant, but, sadly, this is rarely ever the case.

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Designing and producing literature in the modern world isn't just a matter of creative ability - though we have more than enough of that to spare! It's more about understanding the audience, the product or service and the reasons why people make choices.
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Newsletters and e-newsletters are a much under-rated marketing tool. Not only can they be used across diverse market areas, but they can also be used to both attract new clients and to expand sales within your existing client base (which is usually the single best way to increase revenues and profitability!).
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No matter if it just a small ad in a technical journal or a multi-media and international campaign, our aim is to make you thrive, not just survive. To stand out even when others are shouting.


With Palmer & Rose you can be sure your message will be on target and that your ads will work..

We can say that because of the marketing-led approach we take to your message, your market and your media. Some people say advertising's an art (some even say it's a black art!) - but with us it's more of a science and we believe that creativity should be based on these principals and your message. Advertising should never be forced to fit in to some over-fancy idea, especially one produced by people who simply don't understand your business.


As a business-to-business, scientific and technology agency, we specialise in understanding your products, your services, your goals and your market. It is our experience and background that ensure that we can hone, refine and sculpt your messages until they become a perfect fit.

Selecting the right media is a part of the science - and it demands more than just a passing knowledge of what's available. It needs the resources and tough, knowledgeable, media-negotiating skills that make Palmer & Rose what it is.